Props Magic

To some, the theater is highbrow, too much so for movie going lovers who prefer the silver screen. This is certainly not the case for me. I have my preferences and they are strong. Theater for me is the pure hybrid art, a combination of acting, good writing (the play in its natural state), props and set design, and the magic of being transported to other times and places. I attend whenever I can and sometimes more than once for a favorite performance.

Fortunately, there is always something on stage nearby, even at the small local level. That will do in the absence of major works. Or I can travel to see the latest blockbuster hits. I pay attention to the Tony awards and wait for something to come to a close by town. You can bet that I am more than willing to travel when I have vacation time. New York is a special treat that I afford myself rarely, but when it happens, I am in ecstasy. This is the hub of the theater. There is so much to see. I read the reviews and I get to know the performers—what other plays they have been in or what TV shows on which they have had guest roles. Thus, I have a little background on the cast and can appreciate how they transform their parts.

Theater is a realm unto itself. I do like to read plays as I did when I took literature courses in college, but it is not the same as the live experience. Plus there is the entire backstage area in which the play gets ready to unfold. Crew members are hustling and bustling around making adjustments and readying the curtain. Actors are prepping their lines, the last minute lighting cues are changed, and any set changes are quickly made. I get lucky once in a while if I can meet the actors after the show and that sometimes means backstage. You usually have to know someone. Recently I was lucky to have a friend who worked as part of the crew. I wanted my playbill signed by the lead actress and he made the arrangements. Since the actress in question was changing out of her costume, I had a little time to kill. My friend on the crew offered to show me around and reveal a little of the magic. I was led about guided by his tactical LED flashlight that he told me he bought online from,which illuminated the rear of the set and the table of props.

It was fascinating to see the play from another inactive dimension. It was like the play was stopped in time. But soon the actress I wanted to meet appeared and she was happy to sign my playbill and personalize it to me. I love these mementos that I keep of the theater. I have collected more than a few. They remind me of wonderful experiences. Otherwise, as time goes on, I often forget what and who I have seen.