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I Was A Safety Officer in a Broadway Theater

Broadway theatres are magical. For decades they have been a source of entertainment and artistic expression to many generations. They create timeless art that’s transcendental and inspires the whole world. Each of the theatres on Broadway is located in the Broadway District, in Midtown Manhattan, and they all have a capacity of around 500 seats. That’s a lot of people, and considering that Broadway is in the midtown of one of the biggest cities in the world, you can just imagine how crowded Broadway theatres can be. Managing people coming in and out can be a difficult task. There was a time when I wanted to be closer to the Broadway scene, so I found a job at one of these theaters. I was employed as a safety officer. Keeping everybody safe was my job – and I took a lot of pride in it.


Besides organizing people coming in and out of the theater, I also had to do inspections and check if there were some obstacles that might create hazards. I had to inspect every corner, all the stairs, balconies, hallways, and doors. When everything seemed fine, we had to inform the management after which we would wait for other instructions. The management was nice, and they always wanted to know our opinion on how they could make things better for the crowd. The one thing that I always thought needed some improvement was changing the air between shows. You see, when the crowd leaves, they always leave their smells behind. So when a new crowd enters, the air feels stale. After some research, my colleagues and I found out that we can install air purifiers found at CleanBreathing with the capacity to change and refresh the air in the big theater. We introduced this idea to management. The management was responsive and they decided to apply our idea, so now you can see these devices filtering the air in the hallways of the theatre.


After a while, I found another job that pays more. But I always go to the theater to see shows and say hi to some of my old colleagues. And I’m happy cause I left them in good health and enjoying fresh air.