Experiencing a Broadway Show

I can’t really describe the feelings and experience one gets from seeing a live performance on Broadway. Its just something that you need to experience for yourself. Its not like seeing a film, where the show is safely on the big flat screen. With a Broadway show you become immersed in the acting and music. You feel like you are part of it, or at least that is how I feel. Of course, Broadway shows are not everyone’s thing. I had one friend whose first experience was at an opera and he didn’t like it. He also thought all Broadway shows would be like this. It wasn’t until he took his kids to see Wicked that he understood the brilliance of Broadway theatre. It definitely changed his mind in the end.

When I go to see a show I make it a full blown experience that doesn’t just include the show. Most shows start at night and I like to go to a nice restaurant to eat before I head off to the theatre. I tend to plan 2 hours before the show so that there is enough time to enjoy your meal without feeling rushed. At the theatre there are concession stands where you can buy snacks and souvenirs, in case you choose to do the meal after the show.

There are usually a couple of intermissions between acts that allow you to get up and stretch your legs, use the bathroom, or get a drink. I like to go for an after show drink to wind down a bit. I mean, most performances are full of energy, lights, and music. To me, winding down at the end is important.

I’ve been asked how one chooses a show and what to expect along the way. The first thing you need to do is pick a show that you think you will enjoy. What are you basing your choices on? A particular actor that you would love to see?Or maybe an adaptation of a favourite book or film? If you are winging it then make sure you check out some reviews of the show before you dive in.

Next you want to decide on the type of theatre you want to go to. The bigger Broadway theatres pack in a larger crowd. Some people love those big crowds! But others may want a more intimate setting that you can get from an Off Broadway show.

Your next step is getting those tickets. Many legitimate websites that sell tickets for shows offer discounts online. Keep in mind that the more popular productions tend to sell out fast and you may not be able to grab a ticket at the spur of the moment. Plan in advance! Be wary of people trying to sell you tickets on the street for low prices. These are scalpers and they tend to offer tickets that are counterfeit. You can sometimes buy tickets at the theatre but you will end up paying full price more times than not.

Once you are there an usher usually hands you a playbill and shows you to your seats. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the show!