Stage Shows

I Was A Safety Officer in a Broadway Theater

Broadway theatres are magical. For decades they have been a source of entertainment and artistic expression to many generations. They create timeless art that’s transcendental and inspires the whole world. Each of the theatres on Broadway is located in the Broadway District, in Midtown Manhattan, and they all have a capacity of around 500 seats. […]

Schools for Acting

The Best Schools for Acting

An artist tends to put forward notions and expresses perspectives through an art form. This very art form will be the one that guides that particular individual as he/she goes through life. But for that method expression, they need to choose an art form and moreover also find a venue that will help him/her learn […]


Terrible Night!

I hate to even mention it, but a friend and I were the victims of an attempted robbery. I dedicate this blog to self defense since this is what saved us from a bad outcome. Sometimes off-Broadway theaters are in strange, dangerous locations. There is safety in numbers, or so we thought, until a mugger […]


Props Magic

To some, the theater is highbrow, too much so for movie going lovers who prefer the silver screen. This is certainly not the case for me. I have my preferences and they are strong. Theater for me is the pure hybrid art, a combination of acting, good writing (the play in its natural state), props […]


Experiencing a Broadway Show

I can’t really describe the feelings and experience one gets from seeing a live performance on Broadway. Its just something that you need to experience for yourself. Its not like seeing a film, where the show is safely on the big flat screen. With a Broadway show you become immersed in the acting and music. […]

Stars Relaxation

How the Stars Relax

There are many joys of the acting profession. Night after night you pour out your heart on stage to a mute, sedentary audience. On good nights, they come alive. If they are welcoming and responsive, it gets you going. You treasure those claps and shouts, those moments of loving recognition. You seem to have endless […]

Big Stage

Feet on the Big Stage

Exposed feet means that people will see everything. Are they clean, are the nails polished, are they rough? Would Dr. Scholl’s cringe? Imagine a beautiful actress with tresses reaching to her waist walking the red carpet in style, one delicate food in front of the other. Envision a mid-calf princess gown cut in layers of […]


Keeping the Show on the Road

The life of a theatrical touring company is a bit like the circus. There are insiders, stars, backup people, and a variety of equipment and gear to tote. It is a world unto itself that keeps the spirit of drama alive. You want to bring entertainment of the very best kind to the masses. It […]

Stage Shows

Water for Words

The day the water broke was almost catastrophic. I am not talking about a pregnant member of the cast. That would be odd, and a rarity, indeed. Who would go on the road expecting a child! I am talking about a hot summer night in Arizona while the company I was in was on tour. […]


Daniel Radcliffe Reveals All

Who doesn’t love the Harry Potter franchise? Who doesn’t love Daniel Radcliffe? He is recognized worldwide for his stellar role in the series, one coveted by many actors of similar ilk. He embodies his character fully. But did you know that he is also known as a fine stage actor, having played a part in […]


The Tony Awards: Biggest Night on Broadway

There is no night bigger for awarding excellence in the world of theatre than the Tony’s. Here is where aspiring actors, writers and musicians vie to have their hard work recognized by the masses and rewarded. How did the Tony Awards come about though? It was in 1947 that a group called the American Theatre […]


Daniel Radcliffe – A Step Up From Harry Potter

When someone mentions Daniel Radcliffe they immediately get the image of the young wizard, Harry Potter. After all, we saw him grow up in each new Harry Potter film and watched his talent grow along the way. However, Daniel Radcliffe has moved on to different roles in both films and in theatre. One very notable […]


Famous Broadway Performances of All Time

We’ve had a look at famous theatres, so let’s take a look at some famous Broadway shows! The list of long running shows numbers in the hundreds. I’ve chosen the top 4 longest running shows for you here: Phantom of the Opera As I mentioned earlier, the Phantom of the Opera is the longest running […]


Manhattan’s Broadway

Before I get into theatres around the world I wanted to point out the difference between a Broadway Theatre and an Off Broadway Theatre. Broadway Theatres tend to show the more mainstream commercial performances. The theatres themselves tend to have no less than 500 seats. Off Broadway Theatres, as well as the category of Off […]